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Claiming Tasks with Self Service

During a workflow process there will be tasks that need to be carried out by users. The Self Service template displays tasks that are relevant to the current user. You can control which processes the template displays, and create multiple versions of the template to display different things to different users.

Self Service 13 Overview

Tasks appear in a series of panels. Each panel shows a description of the process it relates to, the task that needs to be performed, and information about when the task was raised and optionally, when it is due to be completed.

Assigned Tasks

The assigned task panel lists all of the requests a user is currently working on. When a task is assigned to a user, no one else can work on it.

Tasks in the panel let a user see a summary of the process so far, and link through to a form (set in the process model) to carry out whatever action is needed to move the task onto the next stage.

Tasks can be "unclaimed", returning them to the claimable task list for someone else to pick up.

Claimable Tasks

User tasks have candidates. Candidates are groups of users responsible for handling service requests. A user looking at the Self Service template will see a list of all of the active requests they are a candidate for in their claimable task panel.

Last modified on August 22, 2022

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