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Assisting Users

The Assisted Service template lets one user act on behalf of another. It is designed to be used by customer service agents working with a user, perhaps over the phone, to help them complete actions on your website.

These actions include interacting with workflow processes, raising new requests, saving and submitting forms, registering new users, and editing an existing user's profile.

Logging Interactions

The interaction log is used by agents to record what they are doing. It is implemented using a set of forms which record the channel they are working on (eg over the phone), the service needing assistance, the user being assisted, time spent, and outcome.

Interactions are recorded against the agent, not the user being assisted, and can be thought of as a timesheet entry. A range of dashboards let you report on the time spent assisting users, the services that required assistance, and the channels your users are working in.

See Assisted Service in the template documentation for full details.

Searching for Users

The first step in assisting a user is searching for them.

Search for a User

You can search for users by username, or by elements of their user profile, like their email address, phone number or postal address.

Assisting Users

Once you've found a user you can see details from their profile and their recent requests to help identify them. You can then start assisting.

View User Details

The details of the user being assisted are displayed at the top of every page in the assisting banner.

Assisting Bar - Icons Only

The banner includes:

  • The user being assisted
  • The interaction and channel
  • A timer
  • Links back to the Assisted Service article

What Happens when Assisting?

When assisting a user, any forms you complete will appear as if they had been submitted by the user being assisted. Similarly any workflow process you start will be started in the name of the assisted user, and and history data recorded by the platform will be linked to them.

All interactions also record the username of the staff member who was doing the assisting. This means you can easily see which requests were made via assisted service, who was being assisted, and which staff member was providing the assistance.

Last modified on August 22, 2022

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