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Case Management - Responding to Cases

Case Management is built using the same technology you could use to build your own workflow processes. Because it's developed on and in the platform, it integrates seamlessly with all of the articles and templates you use to build your website.

Just like other processes, Case Management tasks will appear on the Self Service template.

Working on a Case

Once you've claimed a case to work on, the Case Management interface provides a series of tabs and actions.

Case Overview

Case Details

The main view displays all of the details submitted by the person who raised the case, plus it's current status, the SLA, and the user's contact details.


Tasks are formal sub-processes that need to be performed to complete a case. They might be raised automatically, or can be created by the case manager. Tasks are assigned to users and need to be completed before the case can be closed.

Case History

The history holds a record of everything that's happened so far in the case, plus all of the notes added by the case manager or updates posted to the case by the user who raised it.


All the of files submitted during the case are held together in this tab.


Whether emails are generated automatically, sent out by the case manager, or relate to tasks or appointments, they can all be seen in this tab.

Linked Cases

Cases can be linked to each other. They are two-directional - creating a link in Case A to Case B automatically creates a link in Case B back to Case A.


Contact the person who raised the case. The case can be configured to pause the SLA while waiting for a reply.


Cases can be converted from one type to another, with mappings set up in the configuration.


Once a case has been resolved to everyone's satisfaction and all tasks have been completed, it can be closed.

Further Reading

The The Case Manager Interface and Actions documentation describes everything you can do when working on a case.

Last modified on 22 August 2022

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