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Making and Tracking Requests

The platform includes a powerful business process modeller. Process models manage the flow of tasks and interactions that make up the services delivered by your site.

This allows work to be passed from user to user, data to flow back and forth between systems, notifications and tasks to be sent and assigned to users, and timers, sub-processes, gateways and events to automatically control how a job progresses.

Example Model

Processes are generally started when a user submits a form on your site. Users can then track their submission as your staff members work on it.

Workflow and Case Management

The platform gives you all of the tools you need to design your own Workflow Processes.

It also includes our Case Management engine, a highly configurable product that you can start using by plugging in your own forms and configuring the groups and users who should be involved with your cases.

Tracking Requests

Users track their requests, whether that's your own workflows or Case Management cases, with the User Requests template, which forms part of the My Account portal.

User Requests Assigned Cards

The template shows a series of cards. Each card displays information about a request, followed by buttons for the tasks and activities the current user can perform.

You can find more information in the User Requests template documentation.

Last modified on August 22, 2022

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