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Lots of the services we develop don't need a user to be logged in. However, being able to identify the user who made a request means you can create a richer, more interactive experience, with personalised content and the ability for users to track the requests they have made.

Our standard registration process is simple, secure, and only needs a user to enter their email address, set a password, then activate their account by verifying their email address.

Page 1 - Email

The first thing a user must enter is their email address. This becomes the login username users will log in with.

Registration Form Page 1

Page 2 - PIN

A PIN is sent to the email address which must be entered onto page 2. This confirms the user owns the email address.

PIN Verification

Already Registered

If the email address is already registered with a user they are prompted to log in. It is not possible to create a new account with a registered email address. This prevents duplicate accounts being created.

Registration - Already Registered

Page 3 - Profile

The only part of a user's Profile that must be set is their name. Extra details can be added and updated later.

Set Preferred Name

Page 4 - Password

Finally the user needs to set their password. Password rules are set in the iCM User Settings.

Set Password

Further Reading

There's a more detailed look at all of the forms for registration, and password and email resets in the User Management documentation.

Last modified on 22 August 2022

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