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User Management

These articles look at the way our standard sites store user data, and how registration, logins, and password resets are handled.

We supply example user management forms, which you can find in the GOSS forms folder. Don't edit the example forms! When we release new versions, these examples will be overwritten. If you want to customise the forms, take copies of the ones you'd like to use, rename them, and save them in a new folder.


When a user registers directly with your site they get an account, a login, and can fill out elements of their user profile.

Password Resets

There are two situations where a user can reset their password. They might have forgotten it, or might want to update it once logged in.

Change Email

The standard registration form creates user logins with an email address as the username. This form updates a user's contact email address and login username.

User Profiles

User profiles store information about a registered user. Profiles are defined and managed using forms, and can be extended to include as many fields as you require.

Account Management and Linking Logins

Once someone has a user account they can manage the logins associated with it.

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