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Form Groups

iCM organises forms into groups. These groups allow forms to be restricted to certain iCM users within iCM, based upon their user privileges.

The group a form is in has no impact on its availability on your website. Forms are published on your site by adding them as related content to articles using the Forms Service template. Normal article security can then be used to restrict them to different users.

You can move a form to another group by editing the form, then changing the "Parent group" on the "Properties" tab.

Creating and Editing Groups

To create a new group, right-click on an existing group, or the root FORMS group, and select "Create a group". To edit an existing group, double-click on it.

Group Properties

NameThe name of the group, visible in the iCM explorer menu
DescriptionA description for the group
Parent groupThe parent of this group. Use the "Select" button to choose a new parent

Deleting a Group

To delete a group, right-click on it and select "Delete this group". Deleting a group will delete all of the groups and forms within it. If the forms that are about to be deleted are being used (ie they are related to an article or used in an iCM Form App) you'll see a warning which lists the items using them.

You can restore deleted groups using version history.

Importing and Exporting Groups

Form groups can be exported and imported into another iCM installation.

Right click on the group you would like to export, or import into, and select "Export" or "Import".

Exports of form groups include group parent information and all of the child groups and forms within them. When you import into another iCM, the original structure of groups and forms is maintained.

Forms exported from one iCM installation should not be imported into another iCM with a release version lower than the original.

See Importing Forms for more information.

Publishing Forms in a Group

It is possible to bulk publish all of the forms in a group. This is particularly useful if a new version of the Form Family is added to iCM as forms will only start using the new family when they are next published.

Right-click on a group and choose "Publish forms under group" or "Publish forms under group for production" to publish all of the forms.

See Publishing Forms  for more information.

Last modified on 05 June 2020

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