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The Design Area

The form design area holds the pages of your form.


Each page of your form has its own tab at the top of the design area. You can add extra pages by clicking the "+" tab. Pages can be reordered by clicking on a tab and dragging it to a new position. A page can be renamed using the "Page settings". You can delete a page using the small "x" on a page's tab.

Page Level Menu

If you right-click on any empty area of a page you'll see a menu with the following options.

Search for page nameSearches the whole form for all fields that reference the name of this page
Jump to pageLists each page of the form. Select a page to navigate directly to it
Add page after/beforeAdds a page to the form
Move this page back/forwardMoves the current page
Copy fields on this pageCopies all of the fields on this page. Copied fields can be pasted onto any page of this form, or into another form in the same iCM
Paste onto this pagePastes fields that have been copied
Save fields as a snippetSaves all of the fields on this page as a snippet. See Form Blueprints and Snippets
Delete this pageDeletes the current page

Adding New Fields

To add a new field to your form, find the field in the toolbox you would like to use and drag it to a location on the current page.

You'll see a dotted placeholder which shows where the field will land when you drop it.

Certain fields can only be placed in certain places. Most "Input" fields, for example, need to be placed inside a "Layout" field.

While adding a field to a form, valid locations are highlighted with a blue placeholder, invalid locations with a red placeholder. If you add a field to an invalid location, it will be highlighted red and you will need to move it before you can save or publish the form.

The help text for each field type explains any restrictions on where they can be placed.

Moving a Field

An existing field on a form can be moved to a new location. Click on a field and, whilst holding the left mouse button, drag it to a new location. As with new fields, valid locations are highlighted in blue, invalid locations in red.

On a multi-page form a field can be moved from one page to another by dragging it over the target page's tab and, once the designer has switched to that page, dropping the field into the new location as normal.

Deleting a Field

If an existing field is no longer needed, right-click on it and select the "Delete this field" option from the menu.

The currently selected field, and all fields nested within it, will be permanently removed from the form. iCM will not ask for confirmation that the field should be deleted. It will be removed immediately.

Copying and Duplicating Fields

To copy a field, right-click on it and select "Copy this field".

You can copy individual fields or a layout field, which will also copy all of the fields in the layout. Fields and layouts can be copied and pasted between form pages and between forms within the same iCM. When you paste a field into a new location the designer checks that the fields are in a valid location, and highlights any that aren't, just like adding new fields.

You can also duplicate fields and layouts. Duplicate is a bit like a copy and paste in one. Duplicated fields appear below their original and, apart from their name, will be a copy of the original.

Whenever you copy or duplicate a field you may need to rework any functions or handlers within them.

Last modified on 23 March 2022

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