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Deploying a Model as a Process

Once a business process model has been created, it must be deployed to the workflow engine as a process. This makes it available, so instances of it can be started from forms, or start automatically from timers.

Deploy a Model
 To deploy your model, select it in the left hand navigation, then click on the "Deploy selected model as new process" toolbar button. You can also right-click on a model and select "Deploy this model as a new process" form the context menu. Both actions display a confirmation message that includes details of the model you are about to deploy. Click "Ok" once you are happy to continue with the deployment.

The selected model will be deployed to the workflow engine as a new business process ready to use. The deployed process should now be present in the "Processes" list.

Deploying a model as a process adds an entry to iCM's audit/security log.

Last modified on 25 August 2022

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