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Glossary of Terms


Actions Panel

The left hand panel in iCM content editors.

Alternate Link Text

An article's alternate link text overrides the heading text in locations where navigational links to the article are output. This is often used where an article has a long heading that would not suit a navigation menu item. The alternate link text will also appear in the browser's address bar where no friendly URL has been set. This text is optional.

API key

With a lowercase k. API keys are used to secure workers running on the API Server.

API Server

Always capital S. The API Server provides a range of services to iCM and your website. These services are delivered by "workers" and include things like authentication, workflow and the forms service.

Artefact or Artifact?

Artefact is the British spelling, Artifact the American. However, in computing, the American artifact is the accepted term. Only use artefact if you spent the weekend digging up pottery sherds on Dartmoor.


The name used in iCM for content that will become web pages. Note that not all articles will appear as published pages on the site.

Article Extras

Also known as the article "Extra Tab", this section of the article editor provides additional configuration for the article. Extras are defined per template, ie the article extras for an article using the Authentication template will be very different to those of the List template. Some template types do not use extras at all.

Article extras are private forms, built using the forms designer. By convention they are named after the template that uses them, appended with the letter x (so LISTX, BLOGX etc).

Article Views

Article views are used when an article is going to be output as part of another page. They allow their template to control exactly what is rendered. For example, the "related" view for an article using the Contact template will output a summary of the contact's details when it is related to another article.

Assigned Tasks

Workflow process user tasks assigned to the user. While assigned to a user, no one else can work on them.

Authentication Provider

A named configuration for a given Authentication Type.

Authentication Type

Facebook, Google, ADFS etc.

Last modified on 20 September 2023

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