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Media Definitions and Image Sizes

As well as all of the standard site framework Media Types, the theme also uses the following.


iCM Name: background
Description: background 

ComponentRequired?Image editor?Allowed Types

Background images are used by all of the panel and carousel page assets.

Image Size Constraints

A single image uploaded into iCM can potentially be output in many different places. The following size constraints are used.

For more information about how the platform resizes images, see Image Handling.

original (this is the maximum size that can ever be rendered)maxWidth="20000" maxHeight="20000"
thumbnailmaxWidth="570" maxHeight="380"
standardmaxWidth="400" maxHeight="400"
desktopPanelImage (used by the background image media type in page panels and carousels)width="2200" height="500"
imageBannerBackground (used by the background image media type when it appears as an image banner or behind the search on the home page)width="2560" maxHeight="500"
tabletPanelImage (used by the background image at widths below 1200px)width="1200" height="500"
mobilePanelImage (used by the background image at widths below 480px)width="500" height="500"
articleSummaryImage (used on the article panels on the Home template)maxWidth="570" maxHeight="380"
newsblockImage (used on the Home template)width="80" height="80"
footerIconwidth="32" height="32"
videowidth="1000" height="600"
Last modified on 19 January 2023

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