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Verifying Sender Email Addresses

When you host with us we verify the email addresses your sites and services use as their "from" addresses. This confirms that you own the address/domain and prevents others from using it.

To verify an email addresses a verification link will be sent to it. To verify a domain you'll have to add DNS records to it.

Address Verification

Only real email addresses can be verified, that is, actual email addresses able to send and receive mail. It's not possible to verify a dummy "noreply@" address. You'll need to choose a list of email addresses that can be used throughout your platform.

That means you'll have to set up iCM and your site to send emails using a real address (usually set in your subsite configuration and in iCM's autoconfig) and only use these addresses as the "from" addresses in form email action fields, workflow mail activities, and in the email worker.

Verifying individual addresses can be problematic if you have a decentralised team creating content on the platform who may not know the verified addresses. It also means members of the public could reply to automated mail sent out by your services and expect a reply - you'll need to monitor those mailboxes.


To verify email addresses you'll need to give us a list of the addresses you'd like to use. A verification email will be sent to each address containing a verification link. Click on the verification link and the setup is complete.

Domain Verification

Our preferred approach is to verify a domain. This lets you use addresses with any local part (any characters to the left of the @ sign) even if those are dummy addresses.

We recommend setting up a subdomain so that your site hosted with us is easily identified as something separate from your main corporate email. For example, setting up and verifying, would let you use <anything> as a verified email address.


To verify a domain you'll need to tell us the domain you'd like to use. We'll then provide you with a TXT record, which you'll need you add to your domain's DNS settings. We can also set up DKIM. This will involve you adding CNAME records to your chosen domain.

Once these records have been added it can take a few hours for the verification process to complete.

SPF Records

Whichever verification method you choose you will also need to add an SPF record to your domain. This record will allow our infrastructure to use your domain to send emails from the services you host with us.

Last modified on 27 August 2019

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