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Media Definitions and Image Sizes

As well as all of the standard site framework Media Types, the theme also uses the following.


iCM Name: background
Description: Background image

ComponentRequired?Image editor?Allowed Types

This media type is used by the Home template to provide a background image behind the top task menu and search box.

Page Banner

iCM Name: page_banner
Description: Cruise Page Banner

ComponentRequired?Image editor?Allowed Types

Appears between the page title and breadcrumb when related to an article.

Page Icon

iCM Name: page_icon
Description: Icon

ComponentRequired?Image editor?Allowed Types

The page icon media type is used in the top tasks menu on the homepage. The primary version is displayed, the secondary is the "hover" or "active" version when used in links.

Image Size Constraints

A single image uploaded into iCM can potentially be output in many different places. The following size constraints are used.

For more information about how the platform resizes images, see Image Handling.

thumbnailmaxWidth="294" maxHeight="174"
standardmaxWidth="400" maxHeight="400"
relatedmaxWidth="1024" maxHeight="576"
featuredtask (used to the left of the homepage featured task panel when it appears in the header)maxWidth="250" maxHeight="165"
footericonminWidth="40" minHeight="40" maxWidth="44" maxHeight="44"
banner (used by the page banner media type when related to an article)width="1000" maxHeight="500"
logomaxWidth="600" maxHeight="300"
Last modified on 19 January 2023

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