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Examples of platform features brought together from around the site.

Chaining Tasks - Multi-Stage Booking

This workflow uses task chaining to present multiple user tasks to a user sequentially. It imagines a booking process where payment is taken after the booking is made.

Escalation Example

This example process uses script tasks to escalate a task and send apology emails.

Exploring the JavaScript Libraries - crypto, jsonpath, moment, soap and synchronize

A collection of End Points that demonstrate how to use the powerful JavaScript libraries: crypto, jsonpath, moment, soap and synchronize.

Releasing Tasks - Using Messages and Timers

This example process uses messages and timers to return a task back to the pool of available tasks.

Sub-Process and a Looping Task

This workflow creates a review loop using a sub-process. It imagines a report being submitted then a review/amend stage.

Using the iCM API

These forms are used in the knowledge base and demonstrate common uses of the iCM API.

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