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Tools and Snippets

Useful things to use in the platform.

Article Feedback Form

This form can be linked to from the article feedback bar. It captures the ID of the article being fed back on and starts a Case Management case.

History Explorer

Browse all of the histories created by the History worker.

My Account Preferences

This form is designed to appear on the My Account template. It lets users update the user groups they are in, customising the panels that appear in My Account.

Name, Contact and Address Fields

These form fields follow the standards set in the GOV.UK Service Manual. You can save them as snippets or copy and paste them into any of your forms.

Replace all internationalisation tokens in a string

This endpoint extends the standard i18n tools from GOSS with an easy method to localise all of the tokens contained in a text string in a single call.

User Registrations Dashboard

Displays information on the number of accounts, how active they are, and whether created by Assisted Service or not.

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