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Forums and Groups

The exact behaviour of the forums on your site will depend upon the template your site uses to display them. You'll be able to find out more information in the documentation for your website.

Forum Groups

Like other content libraries in iCM, forums can be organised into groups. Groups can be used with iCM Privileges to restrict where your iCM users are able to create their forums.

To create a new group, right-click on an existing group, or the root FORUMS group and choose "Create a group". To edit an existing group, double-click on it.

The only property a group has is its name.

Creating and Editing Forums

To create a new forum, right-click on a group and choose "Create a forum". To edit an existing forum, double-click on it.

Forum Properties

Each forum holds the following information.

NameThe name of this forum, generally only displayed within iCM
DescriptionA description for this forum
Parent groupThe group this forum is in. To move a forum, use the "Select" button to choose a new group
ModeratedCheck this box to make the forum moderated. Messages posted to a moderated forum must be approved before they appear on the site. A task will display on the iCM home page for any users that have edit access to the threads or messages that require approval. See Threads and Messages for more information about moderation

Downloading Forum Content

It is possible download all of the threads and messages in a forum.

Either right-click or edit the forum whose content you would like to download and select "Export content" from the menu. Content will be downloaded as an XML file.

It is also possible to download the contents of all forums in a group, or all forums in all groups, by right-clicking on the appropriate parent group in the forum explorer.

Last modified on 06 March 2020

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