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Map Blocks

These blocks work with JavaScript maps. Almost all blocks can be used browser-side and server-side.

URL Parameters

URL Parameters

This block creates a map from the URL parameters of the current page. That means it can only be used browser-side (although the result can be saved and submitted back to the server).

For example, adding the following blocks to a page level handler:

URL Parameter Map Example

on a form with this URL:

would create this form helper variable:

    "pageSessionId": "f8eeb04e-10b4-4e3e-a84b-b4487f8ebf57",
    "fsn": "7cb273a3-97eb-443c-a2cf-5ebdbab8b899"

Validation Failed

Validation Failed

This block is designed to be used in validation functions. It sets the result as invalid and throws an error that can be caught by the field's error message function.

    isValid: false,
    errorType: 'CUSTOM_ERROR'

See Error Message Functions for an example.

Last modified on 06 March 2024

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