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API Server Blocks

These blocks are only available when working server-side in your form default and validation functions. They can be used to call End Points and the Form Utilities worker.

Calling End Points

End Point Call

This block can be used to call End Points deployed to the Server Library. Any End Points marked as "internal" cannot be called (these can only be called by other End Points).

Clicking the "name" property launches an explorer window that lets you select the End Point you'd like to call. All of the End Points your user has access to are available, and it's possible to select either the latest published version, or a specific version number, just like when manually writing the call.

The parameters drop-down can automatically generate blocks of the correct type, based upon the schema and saved tests present in the selected End Point.

For example, selecting "all possible":


Generates the following in our example End Point:


An older version of this block also exists, where you have to manually add the name of the End Point and the call parameters your self. It's only included to maintain backwards compatibility for any older forms that may be using it.

Calling the Form Utils Worker

Form Utils Call

The drop-down in this field lists all of the methods of the Form Utils worker. Plug in blocks with the parameters relevant to the method you're calling.

Last modified on 07 August 2023

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