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Adding or Removing Bend Points

By default, when a sequence flow is added between two elements, it will appear as a straight line. Bend-points are used to keep your model tidy, they have no impact on its functionality.

Adding a Bend-Point

Bend Point - Add
 In the toolbar at the top of the model editor, first click the "Add bend-point" button, then select the sequence flow you want to add the bend to.

When the green dots are visible at either end of the flow line, click on the line to add a bend-point.

Process Modeller - Model Editor - Adding Bend-Point

Bend-points appear as red dots when hovering your mouse over the flow line. Drag the red dot to reposition the bend.

Process Modeller - Model Editor - Added Bend-Point

Removing a Bend-Point

Bend Point - Remove
 To delete an existing bend-point, first click the "Remove bend-point" button in the toolbar.

Next mouse over the bend-point you would like to remove and, when it displays as a red dot, click on it.

Process Modeller - Model Editor - Removing Bend-Point

The bend-point will be removed and the line representing the sequence flow will be redrawn without that particular bend-point.

Process Modeller - Model Editor - Removed Bend-Point

Last modified on 25 August 2022

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