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authenticate (apiKey, workerName, protocol, sourceIP, originalCredentials)

Arguments (named)

  • apiKey
    string (UUID), required

    The apiKey that identifies the user and their security clearance
  • workerName
    string, required

    The name of the worker for which clearance is required
  • protocol
    string (enumeration), required

    The request protocol:
    httpStandard HTTP
    httpsHTTP over SSL
  • sourceIP
     (IP address), required

    The IP address of the request client.  This must be a numeric IP quad and not a hostname.
  • credentials
    object, optional (default undefined)

    The optional credentials used to identify a site or iCM user.  These are used to authenticate an apiKey and to allow the worker to impersonate the user for access to iCM and other resources. There are currently three formats that credentials may use:

    type: "userpass"
    user: string
    password: string


    type: "userpassmd5"
    user: string
    password: string (MD5 hashed)


    type: "http-basic"
    value: string (base64)



tokenData: object

The token data object containing a security token and all of the security information associated with that token.

token: string (UUID)
apikey: string (UUID)
credentials: object (defined as above)
ipaddress: string (ipquad)
expires: string (datetime)
worker: string
https: boolean



Last modified on 27 June 2023

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