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Echo Veolia Integration



Configuration of the Echo Veolia Integration is handled via the getConfig pattern used across various products.

You should copy the provided example getConfig end point, config.example.echo.getConfig, so it sits under the current environment's contextual namespace: config.<env>echo.getConfig, replacing <env> with the current environment context string. For example, in a development environment the configuration would be placed in


The return schema details what settings are supported/available:

Configuration Return Schema

"wsdlUrl" should map directly to the service's singleWsdl URL, for example "".

"apiUrl" should map to the general path to the v1 API such as: "".

"useSoap" is a boolean denoting whether all requests should enforce the SOAP based mechanisms if an older version of the API is in use. If this isn't set then this can also be set per request, else it will default to JSON based requests.

"echoUsername" should contain the username that the service will authenticate requests with.

"echoPassword" should contain the password that the service will authenticate requests with.

"requestOptions" is a generic object that will be used as part of the requests made to the API via the request node library. It is highly recommended that you set the "timeout" property to something sensible.

Additionally, you can provide any other settings as required by any extensions you may make outside of the product, as additional properties are allowed, but we would advise caution as you could expose the username and password for the service if you are not careful.

Last modified on 24 February 2021

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