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Waste Services Framework

The waste services framework provides a standard set of components that handle the communication between the forms users interact with and the published API of a waste service provider.

As all integrations are different, and different providers publish a variety of web services, our platform abstracts away the complexities of external APIs, letting you work with a single set of End Points to implement the services you need in the way that suits your business model.

The main features of the framework allow users to:

  • Search for a property by postcode
  • Find out the collection days for different waste types
  • Report a missed bin collection
  • Request a new or replacement bin
  • Subscribe to garden waste collection services

Any of our supported payment providers can be added to the forms the framework uses.

Staff administrators are able to:

  • Manage the various charges for bins and services
  • View a dashboard of properties and services with the ability to raise requests on behalf of users

Address Searches

The majority of interactions with the framework start with an address search.

Collection Days

Once a property has been found, staff and public users can see information about collection frequencies and the dates of past and future collection days.

Report Missed Collections

Both staff and public users can report missed collections for rounds that meet the set business logic. Reasons are given for rounds that can't be reported as missed.

Request New or Replacement Bins

Users can request and pay for new or replacement containers for the types of waste collected from their property.

Subscribe to Garden Waste Services

Many providers now charge for garden waste collections, with the service provided on an annual subscription basis.

Staff Views

The staff views use a similar interface to the public view, but provide more information about collection statuses and request and event history.

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