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The Idox Uniform system is broken up in to several modules, each module has its own "Connector" which is an Idox term used to represent a SOAP based webservice API.

This documentation outlines the integration into the following module connectors:

  • Service Requests
  • Licensing

It will also detail the integration into the Idox DMS (document management system), which is used to store files uploaded by users relevant to their case.


For each Uniform module the approach to the integration is largely the same. The SOAP API WSDL file is interrogated to ascertain a list of API methods and their parameters. Using these details an iCM end point is created on a one-to-one basis for each API method. This will form the lowest level of the integration; where a single iCM end point can be invoked to call into the matching API method in the Idox connector.

The Idox SOAP API requires authentication via a username and password. The authentication is handled automatically by the end points and is configured by a specific Idox configuration end point.

Integration to the Idox DMS relies on an FTP file transfer of uploaded documents from the GOSS platform to a network share within the council infrastructure. From here the files are consumed by an Idox process called the "DocLoader" to add them to the DMS.

A series of 'blueprint' iCM forms are provided to demonstrate how these end points could be used to create an Idox Uniform case from an iCM form submission.

A series of iCM form snippets are also provided allowing iCM form creators to build their own integrated forms more easily.

Last modified on 25 February 2021

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