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The following section will outline how to put together a form which submits a new request into the SR or LI connectors while also allowing for additional functionality such as the creation of a linked GOSS Case Management case, a generated PDF of the form, and also having file uploads pushed to the Idox DMS.

Form Snippets

In addition to the snippets outlined in previous sections which exist specifically to create cases within Idox uniform, several other snippets have been created to assist performing further actions on form submission. The snippets should be used in a specific order to ensure the integration flows as expected.

The order events should occur are:

  1. Creation of an Idox Uniform case
  2. Form to PDF generation
  3. Creation of a GOSS Case Management case
  4. Log reporting data (optional, for dashboards)
  5. Send files to Idox DMS (via DocLoader)

The following snippets have been created to support this process, and should be added to the end of an integrated form in the following order:

  1. Idox creation snippet, e.g. Integration: Idox SR - Submit General Service Request
  2. Integration: PDF Generation
  3. Case Management - New Case (Provided with Case Management)
  4. Integration: Get Business Key
  5. Integration: Reporting Data
  6. Integration: Idox - DocLoader send attachments

A further utility snippet has been created which may be used at any point within a form.

  • Integration: WGS84TOOSGB

These snippets can be found in the goss >> Integration Util Snippets folder.

PDF Generation

A PDF generation snippet has been provided which has the following structure:

  1. The first item in the snippet is an upload field, this is the field that will contain a reference to the generated PDF.
  2. The second item in the snippet is a script action which is responsible for taking the data in the form submission, generating the PDF, and then storing a reference to it in the upload field.

Generated PDF will appear as attached files in exactly the same way as any other upload field present on the form.

Unless the upload field name has been changed from PDFREF, there should be no need to change anything in this snippet.

Case Management New Case

This snippet is provided as part of the GOSS Case Management product, it is responsible for starting a new iCM Workflow process using the Case Management process definition.

Get Business Key

A snippet has been provided to retrieve and store a GOSS Case Management process.

The first item in the snippet is a hidden field named BUSINESSKEY, this will store the business key of a GOSS Case Management case created on the form. It is the responsibility of the next item in the snippet, a script action, to retrieve the new business key and store it in the hidden field.

Unless the Start Workflow Action of the Case Management snippet has had its field name changed from ACTIONSTARTWORKFLOW, there should be no need to change anything in this snippet.

Reporting Data

This snippet is essentially just a single field of type "History - Write Event". It has been supplied with some properties prepopulated to ensure a consistent format when logging history data to support dashboards.

The properties that will need to be updated are "History Label A" which should match the history label A value of the GOSS Case Management case type and the "Event Additional Properties" property. This property is responsible for mapping the additional data that will go into history from the form submission. This should include data such as the ward or council name, it should not contain any PI data.

Note, any location related data (such as ward) should be prefixed with "loc_", the snippet contains this as an example with "loc_ward".

Idox - DocLoader send attachments

The snippet contains a single item which is a script action responsible for mapping the upload fields present on the form to Idox document types and ultimately sending those files to the DocLoader via an endpoint named goss.idox.docLoader.sendAttachments.

This snippet relies on various values taken from fields populated by previously used snippets, for example it will reference BUSINESSKEY, IDOXCONNECTORCODE, and EXTERNALREFERENCE hidden field values, therefore one should ensure these fields are correctly referenced in the form and the snippets are used in the order specified.


This utility snippet has been provided to assist with the conversion of WGS84 to OSGB coordinate systems.

The first two items in the snippet are hidden fields which will eventually store a converted latitude and longitude to easting and northing coordinate values.

The next item in the snippet is a script action which is responsible for performing the conversion and storing the result in the hidden fields. This script should be edited to supply the latitude and longitude values to be converted, this could come from a selected map location or address lookup for example. Care should be taken to ensure the snippet references the correct hidden fields when setting the easting and northing values.

Last modified on 30 April 2021

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