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Released 22/02/2024

New Features

  • PTICM-10151 - You can now register custom functions in your forms. Custom functions are a great way to create reusable scripts that can be called from elsewhere in your form, reducing duplication. Custom functions are created with a scope, so can be available server-side only, or server and client-side. See .createCustomFn for an example. Functions can be called using .invokeCustomFn, and you can return a list of functions using .getCallableCustomFnNames
  • PTICM-10403 - Two-factor authentication is now available when logging in with the iCMSiteUser login provider. If enabled a code is emailed to the user attempting to log in, which must be entered correctly
  • PTICM-10419 - A new parameter, shouldUseSingleSignOut, has been added to the OpenID Connect which can be used to prevent single sign-out


  • PTICM-10126 - The hint text in form layout fields can now use tokens
  • PTICM-10176 - A new "Error message function" has been added to field types so that error messages can be tailored depending on the type of error
  • PTICM-10221 and PTICM-10295 - We've improved our internal tracing for the Forms Service and form Skeleton Processor and added some timeouts to the queries
  • PTICM-10227 - The form confirmation message action now has role="status" added to its markup, improving accessibility
  • PTICM-10289 - A new "Queue Statistics" context menu option is available when inspecting iCM Servers from iCM/API Servers. This allows you to view information about queued gateway messages
  • PTICM-10306 - A new schema validation option has been added to the End Point Target Information. The default is to use "Legacy validation" but we highly recommend unchecking the box to use "Strict"
  • PTICM-10325 - We've improved the fix in for end point name uniqueness checking
  • PTICM-10427 - We've added some new health checks for our internal monitoring of databases and Solr


  • PTICM-8524 - We've fixed a bug that could prevent articles from being unlocked after bulk editing
  • PTICM-9199 - The order of elements in the single checkbox field type has been changed so the field continues to work if JavaScript is disabled
  • PTICM-9606 - iCM now displays a more friendly error messages when you try to preview a redirect article (it is not possible to preview redirects)
  • PTICM-9639 - We've fixed the email addresses validation pattern in the text input form field. Previously it allowed a full stop at the start of an address
  • PTICM-9642 - The External Link Checker report was removing the final character from some URLs
  • PTICM-9663 - iCM webmetrics now supports Google Analytics 4. See Website Metrics for full instructions
  • PTICM-9949 - We've fixed a bug that could prevent process instances from being terminated from the modeller if the process definition had already been deleted
  • PTICM-10073 - The help text for regular expressions on the text area field has been updated to advise that if you are checking for new lines, you need to allow \r as well as \n
  • PTICM-10163 - We've improved the format of repeating page field values within the Form Data Browser
  • PTICM-10268 - Form button processing has been updated so only actions for the buttons present on the form are processed
  • PTICM-10399 - We've fixed some incorrect security checking when approving Threads/Messages from the Approvals list in iCM
  • PTICM-10400 - We've fixed a bug that could prevent a workflow from starting if the start form had repeating pages with file uploads on them and those file uploads were all empty
Last modified on 23 February 2024

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