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Standardised Site iCM4j 13.7.897

Released, 13 October 2023 12:10

Breaking Changes


iCM4j Framework 26.17.1104

A new article inline has been added to the standard set. The Jump List inline outputs an "on this page" menu using the headings in the body text. You can choose whether the menu is built from h2 or h3 headings (or both), and customise the text and CSS modifiers. See Inlines - Standard Behaviour for a full description.

To make the inline available to your users, the inline definition needs to be manually imported.

Using the iCM File Manager, find the latest import-icm-content folder. Open the inlines, then core-resources folders. Right-click and export to your PC the inlines.export file.

Export from File Manager

While logged into iCM, in a new browser tab, navigate to https://<your-usual-icm-url>/icm/custom/utils/inlineImportExport.cfm to load the inline definition import/export tool:

Inline Utility

Use the "Choose file" and "Import" buttons to import the inlines.export file you saved earlier.

The export file includes all of our standard inline definitions. Once imported you may need to review user privileges to make sure the new inline is available to users in the article editor.

Last modified: 13 October 2023 12:10
Last modified on 13 October 2023

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