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Standardised Site iCM4j 14.10.972

Breaking Changes

Dynamic Theme 13.13.136

A new option has been added to the subsite feature group carousel settings.

Previously you could choose whether the first feature group related to an article would appear as a carousel above the page content, or as a panel with blocks of articles beneath the body text. A third option has been added so it can now appear as a panel, but in the carousel position.

This change has been marked as breaking because some internal components have been removed. There's no change in behaviour for existing sites.

Payment Fields

This is not a functional change, so you won't see any difference in behaviour in the payment fields themselves.

The Adelante MultiItem, Civica, Capita_SCP_MultiItem and Worldpay payment fields are all now top-level dependencies in the standardised site, rather than being included as part of other products. This will make future releases simpler.

Last modified: 1 December 2023 13:55
Last modified on 01 December 2023

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