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Standardised Site iCM.NET 11.6.51

Released, 1 September 2023 08:22

Breaking Changes

iCM.NET Framework (Theme) 25.7.464

The paging component, which provides navigation between pages on templates like List, Search and Self Service, has been rewritten and improved for mobile layouts. The following has changed:

  • Links to the first and last pages in the list are always visible
  • At widths below 780px the "Next" and "Previous" button text is replaced with arrow icons
  • The component will attempt to remain on one line as far as possible and hide page links with ellipsis to achieve this
  • Where links have been replaced with ellipsis a toggle button will appear that can show the hidden pages (this will cause the component to use two lines)
  • An alternative layout also exists that can switch from the standard list of page links to a drop-down list. This can be activated by switching a data-collapse-type attribute on the paging parent element from "list" to "select"

There's a full description of the behaviour in the "Page Navigator" section of the List template documentation.

The change to the component isn't breaking, but in the .NET framework the public class PagingModel, used internally by icmdotnet.mvc.theme, has been removed.

Panel Template 3.3.58

This release changes the behaviour of parallax panels that use the List template. Previously, parallax panels would only display the articles related to them. Now, if your parallax panel uses the List template, the items configured to display in the list (related, child, shared metadata etc) will appear in the panel. This matches the behaviour of list panels.

The change is breaking because if you have parallax panels that use the List template, the items in the panel will change if you were relying on them only displaying related articles.

Bookings 1.9.182

This version of Bookings includes a new, optional email which is sent at the end of an event. The CTM template for the email is called "Booking Complete" and can be picked when you are scheduling your event - if you don't pick a template, the email won't be sent.

We've also updated and repackaged how the styling for Bookings is delivered and fixed a bug at mobile widths that cut off some of the inputs on the booking form.

Comms Template Manager 1.1.53

There are no new features in this release, it's just a dependency update.

Last modified: 11 April 2024 10:20
Last modified on 11 April 2024

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