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Process Instance Search Indexing

Workflow process indexing and querying is still in beta. Please be aware that the functionality described below is still under review and may change.

The following methods are used to manage and query process instance data held in the SOLR search collection.

The initial search collection is built via an iCM Scheduled Tasks. Indexing must also be enabled in the Workflow worker configuration. Once the collection has been built it is kept up to date by the workflow worker (ie as new process instances start they are added, if they are deleted they are removed, and as variables change they are updated).

The SOLR search collection is a secondary data store (the primary being the database itself) and as such there can be a short delay between data being updated and that update being present in the search collection.

Process Variables

Process variables created by form submissions are only indexed if the form fields are set as searchable in the "summary form" used by the process instance (the summary form a process uses is named in the _summaryForm process variable). In most cases that will be the form that started the process instance, but a different form can be set on the Workflow - Start Action field.

Searchable Property


Query the indexed process collection.


Query the indexed task collection.


Deletes the collection.


Indexes process instances with optional start and length parameters.


Ensures that the search collection has the same processes and tasks as the database.


Tidies the collection for the supplied business keys or process IDs.


The filters that can be used when querying tasks and process instances.

Geographical Querying

You can make location based queries to find indexed process instances and tasks that contain geographical data.

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