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iCM4j 19.15.416

Released 11/05/2022

New Features

  • ICM4J-975, ICM4J-993, ICM4J-994 - Update to Core Resources 19.3.347 and add JavaScript, CSS and article editor rules to support the "disclosure" style

Disclosure Example

Disclosure styles in the article editor allow you to create expandable boxes in your article content.

To make the new styles available in the editor, the following will need to be added to your editor rules:

    { "name" : "Disclosure H2 Start", "element" : "h2", "attributes" : { "class" : "disclosurestart" } },
    { "name" : "Disclosure H3 Start", "element" : "h3", "attributes" : { "class" : "disclosurestart" } },
    { "name" : "Disclosure End", "element" : "p", "attributes" : { "class" : "disclosureend" } }

See Text Editor Configuration for all of the standard editor rules.

There are more details about using this style in the Applying and Removing Styles documentation.

Last modified on 07 June 2022

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