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Multipage Forms and Branching

1. Overview

Before starting this tutorial you should be familiar with using the forms designer and building multipage forms.

The tutorial uses the form built in Multipage Forms and Navigation as a starting point.

What you'll learn

By the end of this tutorial you will be able to place a decision point in a form that leads the person completing it down one of two branches.

You'll learn how to set up navigation through a multipage form and how to clear the values entered into optional pages if a user changes their mind and backtracks to the start of the form.

What you'll build

A form with five pages - the user only completes four of them. Page two asks a question. If the user answers "yes" they see one page, if they answer "no" they see a different page. The final page and all of the navigation buttons behave logically based on the path the user took.

Branching Form Example shows the finished version.

What you'll need

  • A browser with access to iCM
  • iCM user permissions to add, edit and publish forms
  • iCM user permissions to add edit and publish articles
  • An area of your site, or development site, where you can safely publish test content
Last modified on 08 June 2022

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