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My Account - Waste Information with Veolia Integration

This form displays waste related data from Veolia as a panel in a citizen's My Account. The data includes rubbish and recycling dates, and garden waste subscription information. The user simply needs to provide a valid address within their My Account and the form and end points will call Veolia and return the data to be displayed.

Note that this form requires the latest version of the Veolia integration end points (not included).

One you've imported the form you'll need to:

  • Update the User Profile - Load and UPRN fields to match your site's user profile fields
  • Update the NOADDRESSTEXT field to link to a form that users can use to find their address and store it in their profile
  • Create a Forms Service article to display the form and have it appear on the My Account template
DependenciesMy Account, Veolia Integration
ContributorsWest Berkshire and GOSS


Last modified on 08 January 2024

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