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Personal Settings and Shortcuts

Personal Settings

From the iCM home page, "Personal settings" is one of the items in the action panel.

The available settings are:

Article start sectionChoose which tab of the article editor is displayed when you create or edit an article
Article text sectionChoose whether the article summary or article body is displayed when the text tab is selected in the article editor
Article related sectionChoose which tab (either search, browse or suggested) is displayed when the related content tab is selected in the article editor
Preview window sizeChoose your preferred size of the article preview window. There are several options including "Auto", which will make the best use of the available screen space
WYSIWYG auto-refreshThe WYSIWYG editor will automatically default to refreshing the display whenever required, ie after any text or related content modifications. To disable this, select "No"
WYSIWYG show regionsThe WYSIWYG editor will only automatically highlight the editable portions of its content when creating a new article. To default to highlighting editable content for all articles, select "Yes"
Approval notificationChoose whether or not you want to receive emails about articles that are awaiting your approval. Approval notifications for users who submit content (ie they are notified when the content is approved or rejected) are set when an article is submitted

Personal Shortcuts

Personal shortcuts are a way to quickly access tasks that you perform regularly in iCM.

From the iCM home page, "Edit personal shortcuts" is one of the items in the action panel.

Use the "Create", "Edit" and "Delete" buttons to work with your shortcuts. The options when creating or editing a shortcut are:

Shortcut NameThe name of the shortcut. This name will appear in the list of shortcuts on the iCM home page
Item TypeThe type of content item that this shortcut links to
Item Sub-TypeThis only applies to forms and media. Media sub-types will list all of the different types of media defined in your iCM.
Item actionThe action that the shortcut will perform on the content. The options will typically include View, Edit, Delete and Add but will vary depending on the item type specified
ItemThe item of content this shortcut will link to
Last modified on 04 March 2020

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