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The iCM Home Page

The iCM home page allows you to set up your user preferences and personal shortcuts. Shortcuts that have been added to any of the iCM user groups you are a member of will also appear here. The home page also lists your current tasks, including work in progress items, approvals and workflow tasks.


Home Shortcuts

Shortcuts will appear on the iCM home page if you, or an iCM user group that you belong to, has shortcuts defined. Shortcuts set up at the iCM user group level are grouped beneath the "iCM Desktop" header. Shortcuts that you have set up yourself are grouped in their own panel called "Personal Shortcuts".

See  Personal Shortcuts  for more information about setting up personal shortcuts.

If you are an iCM administrator and want to set up shortcuts for groups of iCM users, see the  iCM Groups  article.

Your Current Tasks

Current Tasks

When there are tasks that require your attention, iCM will include these on the home page in the "Your current iCM tasks" list.

This list will identify any of the following tasks: 

  • Draft (work in progress) content that you are currently working on
  • Articles that you own and are now due for updating
  • Your articles that have been rejected during an approval process
  • Articles that are awaiting your approval
  • Workflow tasks that are either assigned to you or that you are able to claim

Right-click or double-click on an item in the list to go to the iCM area relevant to that task. 

Workflow Tasks

The iCM homepage can be used to handle workflow tasks. Workflow tasks are always assigned to site users, not iCM users, but if your iCM user has an alias set up (see  iCM Users ) any tasks the aliased user is assigned or can claim can be accessed from here.

Your Most Recently Modified Items

Recently Modified

This list on the iCM home page provides links to any content items you have recently been working on. Typically only content items such as articles, media items, links will be listed. Management items such as iCM Groups or Users will not normally appear in this list.

Double click on an item to edit it, or right-click and choose one of the actions form the context menu.

Installation Tasks

Installation Task Checklist

When you first install iCM, and after some updates, the installation task checklist will appear. The list is a prompt of manual tasks that need to be performed. You can expand each task for more information.

Note that the checklist is just a prompt, it doesn't perform any tasks or check that they have been carried out.

To hide the list you'll need to be logged into the enterprise URL - once each box has been ticked the list will disappear. The list will reappear if you run iCM's autoconfig and perform a database tidy.

Last modified on 18 May 2022

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