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Logging in to iCM

Creating a User

Before you can log in, a system administrator will need to create you a user and give you a username and password. See iCM Groups and Users for information about creating users.

Which URL?

Your iCM installation has at least two URLs you can use to access it. These URLs have subtle yet important differences.

This is the normal URL for iCM. You should use it for day to day tasks like creating forms, workflow models, articles and media items.

Each site set up in your iCM installation will have it's own /icm login screen. You should use the correct iCM URL for the site you are working on.

These subsite URLs are configured in the subsite definition.

The iCM enterprise URL is set in iCM's Autoconfig. It is used for certain administrative tasks like setting up subsites, and also lets you generate some reports across all of your subsites. This documentation site will say when the enterprise URL should be used. You may also find that some actions, like article preview and the WYSIWYG editor will not work correctly when using the /enterprise login.

If you try to access iCM on an invalid URL, the login screen will display a warning and you won't be able to log in. Only the URLs set up for each subsite, or the enterprise URL, should be used. Other URLs may display the login screen (because of the way iCM handles the /icm path) but iCM will not work.

First-Time Logins

The first time you log in to iCM you will be prompted to set up three security questions. These can be used to reset your password if you forget it. If you ignore the prompt, you'll be prompted each time you log in and see a warning at the top of the iCM home page.

Locked Out?

After five unsuccessful login attempts you'll be locked out for an hour. Locked out users can be unlocked from the iCM Users management area.

Security Questions and Forgotten Passwords

If you forget your password you can reset it by answering two of your three security questions.

Change Your Password

Changing your password once you've logged into iCM.

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