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Finding Your Way Around

The Top Navigation Bar

Top Navigation

The top navigation bar will always be present at the top of the page when you are working in iCM. It contains links to the three main sections of iCM and any shortcuts that have been set up for your user.

iCM Privileges control access to items in the top bar. If your user doesn't have access to a content item, it won't appear in the navigation.


The home button will take you back to the iCM home page - the page you see when you first log in.


All of the content that will be published on your site can be found in the content section. This includes articles, media, forms and more advanced things like End Points and the Process Modeller.

See Creating and Managing Content and Forms and Workflow sections for more information.


The management section of iCM lets you set up iCM and site security, approval requirements, version control policies, reports and other system configuration. This section is for advanced system administrators only and may not appear at all for your user. You can read the documentation in the iCM Management section.

Site Logo

In the top-right corner, next to the navigation bar, is your site logo. Clicking this logo will open your site homepage.

Users with the "Change Client Logo" security privilege can upload a different logo for each subsite by right-clicking on the current logo or placeholder text. The maximum image size we recommend is 200x90 pixels.

The Action Panel

Action Panel

The action panel is a dynamic menu to the left of wherever you are working in iCM. It contains a list of actions (hence the name!) that can be performed on the content you are currently working with.

This example is from the article editor and includes items like submit, save as work in progress, the spellchecker and preview.

A similar menu will be present whatever you are doing in iCM, whether that's editing media or setting up user security.

The iCM Explorer

Explorer Menu

The iCM explorer is in the same panel as the action menu. Like the action panel, this menu will change depending upon the area of iCM you are working in.

This screenshot shows the site groups and users explorer. If you were working on forms, the explorer would show all of your forms and form groups, if you were working on articles, you'd see the article tree and content structure of your site.

When working in the explorer you can expand groups and items by clicking the arrow to their left.

Double clicking on an item will let you edit it, right-clicking will open up the context menu.

The Context Menu

Context Menu

When you're working in iCM you can access a menu of common actions by right-clicking on an item.

This context menu is available in the iCM explorer, search results, links on the iCM home page and in the lists of most recently modified items on the landing pages of the various content types (ie when you go to articles, media, links, End Points etc from the top navigation bar).

The example above shows the context menu when you right-click on an article in the article explorer.

Last modified on 18 January 2022

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