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Standardised Site iCM4j 13.8.928

Breaking Changes


Case Management 1.36.1674

Case Search

Case search has been rewritten. As well as improving performance, the following new features are available:

  • The case types and subtypes are now organised in the same filter. You can pick which will be searched in the article extras
  • A new filter has been added for case stage. Only stages relevant to your selected cases will appear in the filter
  • The case status filter only displays statuses relevant to your selected cases
  • A new user permissions filter has been added to only return results for cases where the user is in one of the configured user groups (case manager or monitor)
  • Additional fields can be added to the keyword search
  • You can now create custom filters, including drop-downs and free text, which can target fields in your cases
  • Custom fields can be added to each search result
  • A new "Manage Case" button appears in the results if the current user is also the assigned case manager

For the full documentation, including video guides, see  Case Search .

Case Management Complaints

The resolved cases dashboard has been updated to list cases resolved at various stages, or closed, during the selected time period, and also displays a total of all those resolved or closed.

Task Interfaces

The "generic" Response and Collect Information task forms now have a tabbed layout showing the task details, history, and any attachments.

Close Case API

It's now possible to force close a case even if it has outstanding tasks. See  closeCase .

Support Tool

The  Support and Diagnostics Tool  now includes bulk operations, allowing you to reindex, close or delete multiple cases at once.


  • CM-2295 - If a task errored when starting, the case manager view could fail to load any data
  • CM-2320 - The closeResolvedCases end point could only be used if it was in development mode
  • CM-2346 - If a case had breached its SLA it sometimes wasn't possible to extend the SLA
  • CM-2367 - When a task was completed, reporting data wasn't always correctly written to the case reporting history
  • CM-2383 - Closure reasons from the case configuration were not being passed to the Close Case task


Last modified: 3 November 2023 11:27
Last modified on 03 November 2023

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