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Standardised Site iCM4j 16.0.1176

This release updates the article extras of three templates to improve performance and adds the "lang" attribute to links between subsites on dual language sites.

Standardised Site iCM4j 16.0.1155

Released, 15 February 2024 12:02

This release has a single fix for version 16.0.1140, making sure that the "keep me logged in" timeout message appears.

Standardised Site iCM4j 16.0.1140

This release has a new version of the site user registration form, fixes for checkbox form styling and the Capita SCP Multi Item Payment Field, and has the latest release of Case Management.

Standardised Site iCM4j 16.0.1128

This release has a potentially breaking change if you have added custom JavaScript to your site. It also adds some new properties to the Capita Multi-Item payment field, plus has fixes for the Cruise theme, and Task Management and Search templates.

Standardised Site iCM4j 15.12.1109

This release has fixes for the Jump List inline and Case Search, and reorganises some internal components in preparation for future work.

Standardised Site iCM4j 15.12.1090

This release adds a new end date field to the Data Exporter and has minor fixes for Bookings, Find My Nearest, and the Contact and Calendar templates.

Standardised Site iCM4j 15.12.1069

This release has fixes for Case Management, new functionality and improvements in Assisted Service user registrations, the ability to add panels above body text in the Panel template, and adds Registrars to the standardised site.

Standardised Site iCM4j 15.11.1037

This release adds a new "In this Section" menu which can be used by all site themes, and lets you control how the page titles of forms appear. A new version of the Data Exporter changes the date used to calculate which histories it exports. It also has fixes and performance improvements for Assisted Service, User Requests, Google Maps and Find My Nearest.

Standardised Site iCM4j 14.11.1002

This release includes new features, styling and panel types in the Panel template, an update to Case Management that adds a "resume SLA" button and lets you customise the text used on the Additional Details tab, plus a new configuration option in the Data Exporter.

Standardised Site iCM4j 13.9.953

This release has fixes for icons in the Authentication template, the Panel template when it's used on the Cruise theme, and importing configurations in Report It.

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