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Users and Accounts

Bookings has two main user groups, one for staff to administer events and one for general users who will make bookings. Your users can also book onto events without an account.

Standard Site User Groups

The Bookings workflow models use the following groups as candidates.

Candidate GroupPurpose
BOOKANDPAYADMINUsers who are members of this group are able to create and schedule event occurrences. These users can also see the "Add date" and "Manage" buttons on the Event template
BOOKANDPAYUSERUsers who are members of this group will be able to book places on events using the TAKEBOOKING form. It is assumed that all registered website users will be made members of this group

Your site's anonymous user should also be added to this group so users who aren't logged in can book onto events

Remember that you can add user groups to other user groups. For example, if all of your website users are in a group called REGISTERED you could add the REGISTERED group to the BOOKANDPAYUSER group to allow all registered users to make bookings.

Offline Payments

Bookings lets some users log offline payments at the time tickets are purchased. These could be staff members taking bookings alongside a till point.

To enable offline payments, create a site user group called BOOKANDPAYCASHPAYMENT (the name of this group should also be set in the Bookings Bookings Configuration End Point). Add staff users to the group who should be allowed to register offline payments. Note that these users won't be able to make online payments.

Last modified on November 29, 2021

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