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Scheduling Events and Creating Tickets

This articles cover scheduling the dates and times of events, creating repeat occurrences, setting default values, building tickets and packages, and configuring payments and discounts.

Creating and Scheduling Event Occurrences

Occurrences hold information about the thing that can be booked. These details are set when occurrences are created and can be updated by a user with access to the administration forms.

Ticket Packages - Single

This example shows how to create a single package for an occurrence. The bookings engine will create the tickets for us.

Ticket Packages - Multiples

In this section we'll look at creating multiple packages for the same event. Each package will have a different price and the third will force at least two packages to be booked to qualify for a bulk-buy discount.

Advanced Ticket Settings

Tickets can be created and edited separately from the packages that people book. This allows us to create more complex packages, with a package containing multiple tickets, or a single ticket filling multiple places in our event capacity.

Repeating Occurrences

The recurrence settings let you set your event to repeat daily, weekly or monthly.


Default settings can be created for an occurrence. These settings speed up the creation of your occurrences by prefilling many of the details, packages and tickets available to them.

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