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Event, Location, Calendar and Search Templates

This set of templates provide information about locations and events. You can build event calendars, and map-based searches to display what is happening in an area.


The Calendar template displays a calendar grid of days for a given month or week, with days on which events take place highlighted. Selecting a highlighted day displays information about the events that occur on that day.


Articles using the Event template display information about an event, including the dates and times of scheduled occurrences, price, location and a link to a booking form. These details are optional, as they may not be relevant to all events.

Event Search

The Event Search template provides a range of filter, date and keyword options that can be used to search for events. Once the search results return, further filters can be applied, such as location and event category.


The Location template displays the details of a location, venue or business. As well as information about the location, it will also list any services and events hosted there.

Events Template Configuration

The events product holds some settings in a single End Point and some in your subsite configuration.

Event List Format

Lists of scheduled event occurrences appear on the calendar, event, event search, and location templates. Each list has the same format.

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