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Events Overview

This articles provide an introduction to the various elements that make up the event booking system with quick start guides to get you up and running.

Each section links to more in-depth documentation covering more advanced features.

Create Locations

A location page includes a location's name, address, contact details, opening times and a map.

Set Up Event Pages

Pages using the Event template display information about an event, including the scheduled dates and times, price, location and a link to a booking form.

Schedule Dates and Times

Once you've created an event, you'll need to set when and where it takes place using the scheduling form.

Event Calendars

The calendar lets users browse events. You can control which events appear in which calendars.


When you schedule an event you also set up the packages of tickets people can buy.

Making Bookings

This article describes what a user can see and do when they make a booking.

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