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Booking Text Overrides

All of the text on the booking forms can be customised by setting new values in the configuration End Point.

Bookings Configuration End Point

The Bookings engine is configured using a single End Point.

Basket Integration

Bookings integrates with the payment basket, allowing users to pay for multiple bookings at the same time.

Discount Schemes

Bookings lets you create a range of discounts that can be applied to bookings, giving fixed or percentage reductions to the cost.

Email and Message Template Configuration

Templates used in the emails and messages generated by Bookings, set using the "Communications Template Manager".

Event and Event Booking History Records

creating events and booking onto them creates the following history records.


Payment providers are configured once in Bookings and made available to all events.

Standard Bookings Articles and User Groups

The following articles and site user groups are installed as part of the Bookings product.

Writing Bookings Plugins

Bookings plugins let you add steps to the booking process, most commonly to collect additional information from the booker.

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