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Change Personal Details

This service is used to update Citizen's preferred or display name, nickname or contact details. Please note Citizen's Name, Gender and Date Of Birth cannot be updated using the Web Services, they can only be updated by NHSCR batch updates


  • UCRNType will be considered as Genuine if the values are not set
  • Only Citizen's preferred or display name, nickname or contact details.
  • To update contact details, Email Address is mandatory to provide with Mobile Number or Landline Number.
  • This web service can only update the Citizen's Personal Details it cannot remove any of the above details from Citizen's Account.


requires a UCRN and UCRN type with one or more of the following:  any or all of firstname, middlename or lastname; nickname; or emailaddress and mobile or landline


    "ucrn": "2100000000000000193",
    "ucrntype": "P",
    "emailaddress": "",
    "mobile": "08448803637",
    "landline": "08448803637",
    "firstname": "Goss",
    "midlename": "Interactive",
    "lastname": "Limited",
    "nickname": "GOSS"
  "jsonrpc": "2.0"


No ResponseBody will be returned for this Web Service

Response Codes

Response  CodeResultResponse Message
0014FalseInvalid Email. Please enter a valid email id. (eg:
10006FalseIncorrect UCRN
0426FalseNo record found for the given UCRN
0050TrueProfile has been updated successfully
10003FalseA technical error has been faced. Kindly try again later.
Last modified on June 27, 2023

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