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Register a Citizen Via their NEC Card

The following details are taken from the documentation available on

Citizen's having a NEC Card can be registered into the MyAccount Portal by simply providing their NEC card details their postcode and email address. The Citizen Accounts created by this web service will be registered with Assurance Level Two. On creation of the account an auto generated email will be sent to the provided Email Address which will contain a randomly generated one time password along with provided username. The Citizen can use these credentials to login into ant service using MyGovScot authentication.

If the account with this NEC Card is already registered, then the account password will be reset and the new password with the existing username will be sent as e-mail to the existing account's email address.

New accounts cannot be created with existing usernames. Email Addresses can also be provided as username. If the NEC Card and Post Code doesn't match with data provided from CMS, the account will not be created.


requires a neccardnumber, postcode, emailaddress and username optionally a mobile and brandname


    "neccardnumber": "123456789",
    "postcode": "PL6 7TL",
    "mobile": "0844 8803637",
    "emailaddress": "",
    "username": "goss.demo.NEC"
  "jsonrpc": "2.0"


  • ucrn
    • value- UCRN associated with the provided Citizen details in request
    • ucrnType
  • uprn
    • value
    • uprnType
  • NECCardNumber - Same NEC Card number as provided in Request
  • username - Unique Username as provided in Request
  • emailAddress - Same EmailAddress as provided in Request
  • LoA - Level of Assurance associated with the newly created Citizen Account.

Response Codes 

Response  CodeResultResponse Message
5047TruePassword Reset for Citizen account
0014FalseInvalid Email. Please enter a valid email id. (eg:
5048TrueCitizen new account created
5049FalseUsername Already Exist
5061FalseNo Person Card details found for NEC card number
5062FalseCard is revoked
1001FalseNo record found
10003FalseA technical error has been faced. Kindly try again later.
Last modified on June 27, 2023

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