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Query UCRN

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UCRN is a unique number associated with every Citizen of Scotland. This Web Service helps in identify the UCRN for a Citizen, if UCRN is provided the basic details of Citizen can be retrieved. Only exact matches for the provided fields in request will be searched and corresponding details will be returned.


  • If multiple UCRN found code is returned in the response, MothersBirthSurname and PlaceOfBirth can be used additionally to find the unique matching records
  • Either of Citizen details or UCRN can be passed for this web service. If both are passed the UCRN takes the precedence
  • UCRNType will be ignored even if the permissible values are provided and will only work for the genuine UCRN


requires a UCRN and UCRN type or citizen details consisting of a Name (firstname, lastname and optional middlename), gender, dateofbirth and optionally placeofbirth and mothersbirthsurname.


Using Citizen Details

  "jsonrpc": "2.0"

Using UCRN

  "jsonrpc": "2.0"


  • basicCitizenDetails
    • name
      • firstname
      • middlename
      • lastname
    • gender
    • dateOfBirth
    • dateOfDeath
    • placeOfBirth
    • mothersBirthSurname
  • UCRN
    • value- UCRN of matched Citizen Details provided in Request
    • ucrnType - Type of UCRN assigned.

Response Codes

Response  CodeResultResponse Message
5022TrueUnique UCRN match found
5023FalseMultiple UCRN matched. Please provide addtitional details
5013FalseDate of birth cannot be a future date
5015FalsePlease provide UCRNType P:Permanent
1001FalseNo record found
10003FalseA technical error has been faced. Kindly try again later.
Last modified on June 27, 2023

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