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Change Citizen Subscriptions

The following details are taken from the documentation available on

This service is used to subscribe Citizens to existing private services Private Services.


  • UCRNType will be considered as Genuine if the values are not set.
  • Only Private Services can be subscribed using this Web Service as these are not visible to Citizen in list of public services.


requires a UCRN and UCRN Type, the ServiceID and an operationcode

Valid Operation Codes

  • S - Subscribe the Service into the Citizen Account
  • U - Unsubscribe the Service from Citizen Account


    "ucrn": "2100000000000000193",
     "ucrntype": "P",
     "serviceid": "135024740",
     "operationcode": "S"
  "jsonrpc": "2.0"


No ResponseBody will be returned for this Web Service

Response Codes

Response  CodeResultResponse Message
10053TrueDetails have been updated
10054FalseOnly private services are accessible
0030FalseNo record found with the given UCRN
10006FalseIncorrect UCRN
10003FalseA technical error has been faced. Kindly try again later. 
Last modified on June 27, 2023

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