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SLAs and Escalations

When a case is raised it can be assigned a default completion target, set in the SLAs and Working Hours section of the case configuration. The configuration also controls whether SLAs are calculated in calendar days or working days, and which days are counted as holidays.

If a case doesn't have a completion target, case managers may be able to set one manually using the "Set case completion target" link, if enabled in the configuration. Setting a target uses the same options as extending a target, described below.


Reminders about approaching completion targets are emailed to the case manager on the date/time prior to the completion target set in the same section of the configuration.

If a case has been claimed, the assigned case manager will receive the reminder email. If a case isn't assigned to anyone, an email is sent to all case managers eligible to claim the task. Reminder emails use the "Case target reminder" template.

Extending the Target

In the case configuration you can set whether or not targets can be extended by case managers. Targets that have already been breached (ie escalated cases) can also be extended.

To extend a target press the "Extend case completion target" button. Cases can be extended by a number of days or hours.

Extending a Target

Select either "Days" or "Hours" and enter a number into the extend target input field. The two read only fields will update to display the new target and reminder times.

Extending a target adds a private note to the case history.

Breached Targets

When a target is breached the case becomes escalated. An email is sent to the assigned case manager, or all eligible case managers if not assigned, using the "Case target breached - Case manager" template. An email is also sent to any escalation staff, using the "Case target breached - Escalation staff" template.

Escalation staff are members of the group set in the case configuration.

The status of an escalated case can be changed back to one of the configured "in progress" open states, but the case itself remains escalated and will appear as such on the Self Service template.

Paused SLAs

An SLA may be automatically paused when a case manager asks a question to the person who raised the case using the Contact screen. The SLA will resume automatically when all the questions have been responded to, or can be unpaused manually by the case manager You can control this automatic pausing in the SLAs and Working Hours section of the case configuration.

Last modified on 15 December 2023

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