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Note that this button will only appear if the process variable form_EMAILADDRESS is present - ie you have an email address for the user. The option to contact the person who raised a case can also be disabled globally in the Environment Configuration

Questions and Responses

A case manager can submit questions to the user who raised the case. The "Contact" button displays a form with a single text area input field. The field has a 1000 character limit.

Contact User

When a question is submitted the user receives a notification email and is assigned a task, as described in Raising and Tracking a Case.

When a user responds to a question the case manager who asked it receives an email using the "Response from citizen" template.

Questions and responses are logged as public notes in the case history.


If a user doesn't reply to an email after the time set in the case configuration, the case manager who asked the question receives an email using the "Nothing from citizen" template.

Similarly, a user will be sent an email reminder if they fail to respond, which uses the "Waiting for citizen" email template.


Cases can be configured so that their SLAs and Working Hourss are automatically paused if there are outstanding questions that need to be answered. The SLA will resume automatically when all the questions have been responded to, or can be unpaused manually by the case manager if enabled in the case configuration.

Emails and Templates

See Emails and Notifications and Email Template and Task Title Tokens for more information about the emails that are sent by Case Management and the templates they use.

Last modified on 15 December 2023

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