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Additional Details

This section of the case handling screen is optional. The tab links to a form that can store additional details with the case. If you don't set up a form the tab won't appear.

The title of the tab can also be set per case type in the Setup and Naming section of the case configuration.

Additional Details

Creating the Form

Any form can be used to record additional details. The "Additional" tab displays a read-only view of the form and the "Add additional details" action button links to the form.

We recommend not setting any of the fields as "required". This allows you to have an additional details form that can be filled in over time as the case progresses.

Step 1 - Naming

Your form should follow the Form Language and Version Numbering conventions and include a version number and language code, for example ADDITIONALNOTESV1EN.

Step 2 - Additional Details Snippet

Add the snippet "Case Management - Additional Information". This will provide back and cancel buttons, plus a helper variable field and a complete workflow action:

Additional Info Snippet

Step 3 - Read Only View

You can use the Form Service's standard read-only behaviour (which displays all fields in a table) or create a "Custom read only" view in the Form Settings panel.

Updating the Configuration

Enter the name of your form without the version and language information into the Setup and Naming section of the case configuration.

Last modified on 15 December 2023

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